Advertise Mosquitto on mDNS/Avahi

In trying to make my network fault tolerant/self healing, I’m wanting to use the Avahi that’s built in to Home Assistant to advertise the Mosquitto add-in, so that my tasmota devices will automagically find it.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to configure this? I know it can be done on a separate device, but this goes against the principle of simplifying things and minimizing failure points.

Thanks in advance

Anyone have any input?

Hi there, did you find anything on this?

I recently posted a feature request but not getting any constructive feedback.


Hey, I managed to find a solution

I hope this helps.

I created an Add-on using Avahi that can be installed in Home Assistant. It works well, and gives the option to advertise an alternative name for your Home Assistant instance as well. I created it to support a line of smart MQTT-based devices I launched, but it will work for any scenario.

You can get it here: GitHub - viragelabs/addons: Home Assistant Addons for Virage Laboratories devices.

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