Advice for relay 2 Gang Zigbee or Zwave


I would like to automate lights with my existing switches. I started looking for a micromodule that I could wire behind my switches but I quickly noticed that there were a multitude of them. So I hope to take advantage of your light to advise me.

I am looking for a micromodule:

  • z wave or zigbee
  • Allowing to control 2 independent switches (each on a different two-way switch)
  • Allowing to keep the use of my existing switches
  • not too big to facilitate fitting
  • and necessarily not too expensive but nevertheless reliable

I saw for example:

but for exemple, the aqara seem a little bit too, and i’m not sure to be able to fit it into the electrical outlet

(i use, zwavejs and zha)

Thx you by advance.