Advice for WiFi Relay

I would like to use a relay to my gate lock.
my current gate lock doesn’t allow remote opening of the door. The only way to open the door is by using the keypad or from pressing the gate button from within my home.

I’m looking for advice on a wifi relay that can integrate with HA and that can work on 12v.

Is there such a thing?
Searching in Aliexpress, there are a bunch of relays, but I’m not sure which one can work with HA.


if you use a relay, you want to use Shelly relay. It can run on a lower voltageor 120v or 220v and can work both locally as well as on the cloud or both or just one. These devices are genious. They even support wifi, they can even be used as wirelss access points, it just goes on and on and on. The head of the company constantly goes into the forums to answer questions himself. The have sold upwards of 30,000,000 devices so far I believe. If you have an issue they replace the device. There is alot of support everywhere because people are on forums all over the place discussing them and teaking them. They are small. And cheap. and reliable. So… you better not get one lol! No addtional hardware needed, it will integrate directly into Home Assistant. BOOM. Good luck

I was looking for a similar solution but ended up getting one of these. It has a relay in it which can be controlled by Home Assistant, has a camera and intercom doorbell.
It comes with an app which you can install on your phone too, so you can receive calls from the gate and remote unlock.
VTO2211G-WP - Dahua Technology (

Otherwise, go for a Shelly 1 Plus, it can operate on 12V and once you have it powered you configure it with a timer to simulate the momentary press.

I agree with you - shelly’s are great, small (smaller than sonoff, for example), they work…; with addition that most of them already have UART connector available for flashing, so no need for teardown a new device. I flash all my shelly’s to esphome - that way device works the way I want it, not the way shelly wants (so it’s even more flexible).
And, if i remember correct some shelly’s do work with 12VDC, too, but they generally output power supply(in our case 12V) when active. So, some modification would be needed to get floating output (or additional relay).

ESPhome on a small ESP8266 or similar will be the cheapest solution

The Shelly 1 Plus is the most flexible. It can be powered from 12VDC, 24-240DC, 110AC or 240V AC. It’s the one.
Wiring the Shelly Plus 1 Relay - HomeTechHacker