Advice in a light project

Hello There,

So, i recently started using Home Assistant.
I must say that i am pretty disappointed so far and that is Not HomeAssistants fault but letzten me explain.

Im on a tight Budget with a lot of freie time on my hands and wanted to so a bit of Home Automation.
Turns Out the diy Google Assistant doesnt speaker German unless you pay For the Cloud Services. That Not gonna happen.

Next thought was automating lights.
Turns out my Landlord outfittet 16 Out of 20 lights in this Appartement with 12V 10W G4 Socket light bulbs. Researching the Internet Shows that mailing those smart is impossible.

The Guy is complaining about saving electricity 24/7 but i cant even automate a light bulb.

Has anyone an idea that could BE realized and be somewhat usefull to automate. Else i’ll just scrap HA until i move Out next year

You can still automate all of your plug sockets with external plug in adaptors and the same can be done for halogen lamps which are also dimmable. For this you can use RF/Zigbee/Zwave sockets, depends on your budget. You can buy/make sensors for co2/light/temp/humidity/dust/heat/doors/windows/motion. Also IR for appliences that use it (TV/sound bar/fans/heaters/AC). There’s lots you can do and you can take it all with you when you leave :slight_smile: