Advice needed for planned project

I am currently planning to build a device that consists of the following:

  • an ESP32 nodeMCU, devkit or similar board
  • 5 rotary encoders
  • a battery (planning to use a standard 27000 mAh powerbank as it is ready-made and should (assuming the ESP would constantly draw 100mA) power it for as much as 24 hours
  • a ws2812b LED strip/ring for status display

My plan is to use each of the first 4 encoders to control one light’s brightness (standard setup in my home are 4 smart lights per room) and the “press feature” to turn it on and off.
The fifth encoder should be used to select the room to control, where the WS2812Bs will give feedback on which one is selected.
It should run ESPHome if possible as it is then easy to integrate with HA.

Do you have any advice on which ESP32 module to use or how to build it all?

Thanks in advance