Advice needed: how to control shutters/sun screens

I need some advice. At this moment I have 2 motorized shutters (Somfy RTS) which I control via a RFXTRX. This works quite nice but it doesn’t give me feedback on its state. I now need to decide on which motors I am going to buy for my new sun screen and 1 new shutter. I want local control, status feedback and not pay more then needed. Possible solutions I came up with are:

Somfy IO motors with a somfy remote box or a KLF200. Benefit would be that it works out of the box, buy it comes at a cost (about € 200 for the controller) and I might still need a cloud connection (if I opt for the Somfy box).

An alternative solution would be to buy wired motors and to buy some additional module like: this would allow me to control everything with an open standard, but there is not much documentation about and it’s unsure if I will come across additional drawbacks.

Can anyone shed some light on this challenge?

Maybe not how you want to do it, but another option to try. How about using a contact sensor ? I use this on my dumb air-con to report it’s state.

Something like this as an example.

Device you had linked is used inside a wall box of an existing up/down wall switch of blinds. I am using wifi version across my 8 blinds and managing them using tuyalocal and all is working fine. If you consider this option, keep in mind that you will probably playing with mains power, pay attention.

know that the Somfy IO motors (not the RTS) on the Somfy box are also controllable via the HomeKit extension, and are then locally controlled.

the Overkiz integration makes it very easy to set that up, providing the HomeKit code. And HomeKit auto discovers…

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