Advice needed on bluetooth outside probe (Temp&Hum)

It’s a bit cold here so my ble probes stop responding. I’m looking for a powerfull (BT Esps are inside, behind a wall) bluetooth probe that can resist -10°C. It’s under a pergola so no rain.

I can try zigbee but it needs to be powerfull as well and work at -10°C…

I’m trying to decomission my 433 radio so no radio. Wifi will work if I plug the repeater which is something I won’t do in the winter (repeater will be outside).


Advice on medium range outside BT probe for winter temp.

Thanks !!!


I’ve had good success with these two BLE devices in IPxx outdoor conditions, however not used these two outside at these low end temps, I have pushed them way high on the other end of the spectrum with success (different climate zone here :wink: ). However, have tested by inside freezers with good battery life and range. In general, I have found devices using standard AAA and AA batteries to perform better in extreme temp ranges vs. coin cells.

Both of these have good open source code support with Home Assistant and report reading at a useful rate for home automation (at 3rd link below, I testing some different devices a while back, IMHO, you want a smoother reading curve from your devices, aka more reading per period).

Depending on your combo of devices and ‘collectors’ in BLE and their relative positioning can really effect the success. ESP32 devices as collectors do seem to be more difficult to use as a ‘collector’ from my experience. I still use an old RPI with an external USB BLE adapter that is place in a high central location with good success. But you will do some head scratching in the course. Using multiple distributed ESP32 devices in probably a good cost effective and reliable option.

Good hunting and good success with your Home Assistant adventure in 2024 and beyond!

Thanks, sorry for the late answer, I was expecting the forum to send an email in case of answer and lost it. I tried the second one, it works great but not 120m as advertised, I can’t do 6 :(. Maybe I have a defective probe. I’m using ESP32S2 for the BT meshing and one USB key in my ESXi for HASS.

It’s fine now but in summer this will be directly in the sun, which has its interest too but I want to put it back under my pergola in the shadow and correct height.

I’ll guess I see how ESPHome will support C6 or H2 for Matter/Zigbee, the probe can be wired to mains so I can try to construct something with a BME280 & print a case.

In any case (pun intended), thank you for your time and effort, appreciated.