Advice needed to replace halogen spotlights - Netherlands

Hi, this is for our house in the Netherlands. It has Jung Tronic in-wall dimmer switches in all rooms and it connects to Tronic transformers that drive groups of 12 Volt halogen spots. Between 4 to 8 halogen spots are connected to the transformers. At the time this was top of the line equipment - I guess it still is. I contacted the company (Germany) and they don’t have any home automation solutions.

The spots are 50W a piece so use a lot of power and we would like to replace everything with LED and ideally the same everywhere. I like to be able to drive each spot individually, or when needed, in groups.

Philips Hue, Ikea, whatever brand that I can integrate with Home Assistant. I’m OK if an specialist comes in and replaces everything. It is too big of a job for myself.

An recommendation? If you know a company in NL (NH) who can do such project, fine too.


I have 8 of Hue White Outdoor PAR38 LED 120W Equivalent Waterproof Dimmable Smart Wireless Flood Light Bulbs and they have been rock solid. The white is not overbearing and the light spread covers the areas well.

I’m not sure if they are available in the Netherlands…

Electrician from the UK so this may or may not be the solution. However, it may be that the bulbs you have are 12v MR16 being driven by the transformers. You are right, there was a big push to install downlights this way a fair few years ago but since LED lighting has been a thing they’ve proved a real pain to migrate to a good solution especially when dimmers are involved. I would suggest replacing the lamp holders within the down lights with GU10 ones(if possible) and ditching the transformers altogether. You may need to ensure that you have an earth at each down light if they aren’t class II rated (as I say, this may be different in Netherlands). That will give you many more options for WiFi enabled bulbs to be installed. Hope this helps in some way.


This is helpful! Yes it looks like the fittings need all replaced and then there is the existing wires which is all 2-wire. Makes sense to look for GU10. For example I just looked for “Philips Hue GU10” and this gives me plenty options. It seems I need to ask an electrician to come by and replace all of the lamp holders and rewire with GU10. The rest should be child’s play… I haven’t done a proper count yet but probably 40-50 of these.

Thanks, these are too large for my purpose. See other response. Seems I need to go with GU10.

Seems Ikea has GU10 color bulbs for around 12 euro per piece. That’s probably Zigbee, so seems a good option over the 55 euro for the Hues :slight_smile: