Advice needed zigbee bulb no affects

Hey all just thought I say hi to all you on this forum - I have Learnt so much so far .

I have setup a lot of my smart home so far and I am nearly fully local with home assistant

I have just got some zigbee bulbs from Lidl and they have been intergrated using the zigbee Zha addin on home assistant using the zigbee usb cc2531 - working fine part from no affects showing - see attached- any ideas what I need to be doing

And are you sure that these bulbs support effects? If they do, you should have an attribute listing the available effects. Probably this bulb doesn’t support it.

If I use the tuya app the affects work fine - soon as I add to home assistant via zigbee zha no affects ?

Then it could be that it hasn’t been implemented yet.

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Very strange - any one else has this issue ?