Advice - new home - old home assistant

Hi Community

Looking for opinions. I have used home assistant for approx 5 years or so up until 12 months ago. 12 months ago I sold our home and we travelled. We have just purchased a new home.

My old home was pretty well run with home assistant on a ubuntu VM. Im sorry but I have no current access to it (its in storage) so cant give specifics. I can say that I had esp32, zwave, cameras, sprinkler system, sound, calender and statitstical database, etc, etc

  • Just wandering if I should build a brand new VM / Rasperrypi or continue with the current one.
  • If so what pitfalls I may run into with previous devices
  • Whats the flavour of the month with purchased devices, raspberrypi or VM

Actually any advice on what you would do if you moved house would be welcome.



If it was me, I’d be very tempted to start again from scratch.

I’ve been running Home Assistant for about the same amount of time. It has been a learning process and some of my older automation config is not the best even though it works. Also there have been a lot of new features and improvements. e.g. I re-wrote my climate control automations last year to take advantage of the weekly schedule and variables. It reduced the number of lines of config to about a quarter of what it was and I used way less helpers.

Lighting control is next on the to-do list but that needs some new hardware first (smart dimmers/switches instead of smart bulbs).

thanks for the prompt reply Tom. Im thinking along the same lines at the moment.

Agree, start over. A few of us had a similar discussion: