Advice on a blinds/sun screens Control or Switch

New to the Home Assistant world and struggling to find a good controller/switch* for my sun screens and blinds.

Situation; existing sun screens: works with PEHA home control (PHC) 20 year old system; basically PHC gives 230V to the up- or down-wire of the motors for 30 seconds and the motors know themselves when to stop. For placing new blinds I prefer to move the controlling to Home Assistant (a complete new system planned based on ODROID-N2+).
A replacement could be the Bosch Shutter Control 2, (Bosch Shutter Control 2), but I understand there is no direct integration with Home Assitant controller.

Main question What is a good switch that will control blinds and sunscreens?

My main requirements are that the switch is supported by Home Assistant, can give 230V on a up and down steering line and the switch enforces that up and down are never active together.


*not sure if I should call what I am looking for a switch or a controller ;-).

Short Update: this thread has some info on shutter, but not 100% clear what I learn this ;-).

short update : this works very good : GitHub - TillFleisch/ESPHome-PHC-Controller: ESPHome component which integratesa a PHC Home Control system by replacing the original controller.

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