Advice on elegantly updating Tasmota wall switch status to correspond with light group status (W/O writing heaps of automations...)

Hi there,

I’m relatively new to HA but have managed to things up, running, connected and somewhat automated.

I’ve got wall switches flashed with Tasmota (Deta Grid Connect Smart Switches, in case anyone is interested) and have a bucket load of Philips Hue bulbs around the place.

I’d like to come up elegant way to have the Tasmota wall switches mirror the status of the Hue light group. At the moment if I press a switch button it will turn the associated Hue light group on or off (depending on the state of the switch).

The problem is that if someone turns on the light group through the HA app, or the Hue app, the switch doesn’t update it’s status to reflect the light group. So you might get a condition where a switch is off but it’s associated lights are actually on, which means you have to press the switch twice to turn the lights off via the switch. Make sense?

I could go and manually create dozens of automations which monitor for state change on the light groups and update the switches, however I’m thinking there must be a more elegant way… perhaps with a single automation and some template inputs? However, I’m not too familiar with this yet and don’t know if that’s the right direction or whether there is a better way to achieve the outcome of having the switches mirror the on/off state of the Hue light group.

I’d be interested in your suggestions! Thanks HA community.

I had one off-list suggestion of using Node Red to handle the automations. Does anyone else have any recommendations before I venture down that path?

Did you have any luck with using node red?
I have not seen any posts describing my issue but yours.

I am having same issue with Zooz smart switches and Hue bulbs, if I have Siri or HomeKit turn off the bulbs the switches think they are in the last state and I have to toggle the opposite On/Off then hit the one I want to trigger the simple automation to trigger the bulbs. The switches are set to always on with physical control disabled, it’s just used as a virtual switch.
It’s not that inconvenient but an annoyance I want to avoid with my significant other.

I ended up going down the node red path (have moved all automations there).

Ironically though I still haven’t solved the problem of mismatched states between a light group and switch. I’m just dealing with it and pressing the button twice when necessary.