Advice on how to gain insights into temperature isolation in my home

Hello everyone,

I bought this new flat very recently and I’m currently running some Z-Wave devices along with some other zigbee ones (using the marvelous zigbee2mqtt add-on). Among my sensors, I have 3 Xiaomi temperature sensors installed in three rooms. I also have a smart thermostat by Tado:

I’m seeking guidance on how to configure my setup in order to display indoor temperature along with outdoor temperature over a, say, configurable period of time with two main goals:

  1. Gain insights into the behaviour of the isolation of the flat: what is the loss on the temperature when the heating is off and there is a given outdoor temperature. I intend to use this insights in future discussions with the property developer.
  2. Although I would expect for the thermostat to be smart enough to figure out by itself whether it is more convenient to keep the heating on during the night or switch it off until the morning, I would still like to have those insights and help me “challenge” my thermostat’s logic.

I’ve searched a bit on the topics above in the community but did not find anything conclusive. I’ve also come to know InfluxDB but I would rather prefer to know the opinion of others before starting on the wrong foot on this.

I may have missed something - please don’t kill the messenger :frowning:

Thanks a million in advance,

For the point one you should check this

Thanks for your answer. I’ve read through the blog post and installed the add-on. I’ve even run the initial notebook but I’m a bit stuck afterwards because nothing seems to be happening, nor do I know where to look. I’ve spent a while browsing Internet looking for a tutorial with no success. Could you possibly point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

I would start simple and configure a lovelace panel with the temperature graphs. You may even graph more than one temperature sensor overlaid using the history-graph card. You may also graph the thermostat state to see if it’s on or off (if you can grab its state).