Advice on Migrating from Large Smartthings install to new HA odroid N2 setup

Hi All,
I have an existing setup with about 280 devices on Smartthings. i have had it with all the cloud outages and now they apparently have a 200 device limit which i am way over so i want to change to HA

I have built a new Odroid N2 + unit and have ordered the HUSBZB-1 USB to give me Zigbee and Z-wave

however i had a bright idea that maybe i could first link my HA and smartthigns integrations (SmartThings - Home Assistant) before doing a full migration as i have so many devices ( some up in crawl spaces and ceilings etc) and it will take me a very long time to move everything over and in the meantime it would cause chaos for my family who rely on all the automation’s etc for everyday life.

is this a good idea? and if im lazy could i do it long term ? ( basically using the smarthings hub as my Z-wave and Zigbee radio) and doing the automations etc on HA ?

how about if i dont install the HUSBZB-1 USB on the HA and just keep using the smarthings radios for a while and then later add the HUSBZB-1 USB to HA.

If i have both hubs near each other will it cause problems ( assuming both running zigbee and z-wave)

i was thinking i could migrate a few things each week to HA and keep doing this till only devices that dont work on HA would be left on smartthings (my samsung powerbot robovacs for example)

Any suggestions on best way to do this migration ? i dont have the energy or time to do a full cut-over all at once and i think the family will go nuts if too many things are disrupted.

Smartthings cloud is having problems again at this moment so its driving me to start this migration sooner than later but i want to do it right!

please let me know what you think!

Hey Alex,

Good Idea - depends. So I’ll cut through all the possibilities and get right to what I THINK you’re asking. What’s the best user experience, understanding you (and your family apparently) are fed up with the ST cloud unreliability - ok.

The ST Integration / connector for HA is Cloud to Cloud.

So, for most everything you asked, yes there IS a way to make it work. Some do and are perfectly happy. …but considering that last statement (cloud to cloud) - would you be happy? You’re just separating the automation from the devices by one more cloud. More cloud lag, etc, etc. SO my vote on that would be no. Others may have different opinions.

Can they coexist - technically yes they can - AND…

…and if you are planning your zigbee networks properly you are taking into account Wifi and other Zigbee networks (Hue included) nearby. In some places this isn’t a problem. Some places (including where I live) it is. It’s been enough of an issue for me such that I don’t create extra zigbee networks when I don’t have to, I have to micromanage Zigbee channel selection and I absolutely try to keep the antennas away from each other, USB3 devices and 2.4Ghz Wifi sources.

Also - once you run a few automations locally on that Odroid - you won’t WANT to keep your devices over there.

The next question is what if I just use the integration temporarily - can I migrate slowly?

It depends - this time on how you dismantle your OLD Zigbee and ZWave networks.
Technically with very careful planning you should be able to migrate from one to the other using such a plan. In reality. You will very quickly destabilize your ST Zwave / Zigbee meshes as you pluck devices out. You will also notice the first devices you likely want to move (usually line powered high traffic, centrally located devices near the hub / sticks) are the ones that are also the backbone for the repeater meshes on the ST side. You knock its legs out. It’s fixable with carefully executed mesh repairs on the ST side every time you pull out a batch of devices but it will take you MUCH longer and you will be fixing things a LOT on the ST side until the mesh finally collapses.

I ripped the band aid off ~6 wks ago. You are correct that is the same weekend ST instituted the 200 device limit in the Android client. I was in the middle of turning on all the ‘stuff’ in my wife’s newly renovated office. My install has ~250 Zwave/Zigbee devices before we even count virtual stuff - I was COMPLETELELY and utterly hosed. I’m MOSTLY functional now (That took about 3 wks) I’m about 40-50% done rebuilding all of my old automation in HA/Node-Red. I’ve got the most important stuff and have about another 3-4 wks at the present pace of tuning before it’s at what I would consider my previous function level (assuming everything was working correctly.)

Set expectation NOW with the family - life’s gonna be weird for a few weeks. NOT days - WEEEKS.

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There are many threads on smartthings migration on the forum, including My Smartthings Divorce and many more.

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Thanks so much for your detailed reply, man i wish Smartthings was not the mess as it has become. i have so many reasons to stay with ST ( 7 years of using it) but its so unreliable now i just cant take it.

i found a workaround to add new devices past 200 ( old ipad with old version of app still letting me add) but i know my ST days are over but im really not in the mood to have to start over.

I will need to start documenting all my automation’s etc as i cant even remember everything i have automated .

I will need to dig deep to find the strength to start this. I would almost prefer to move house than to start this all again!

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