Advice on migrating to updated node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket version

Hi all,

I use node-red in a docker container (separate to my Home Assistant container), and all my automations are running as nod-red flows - no HA automations whatsoever.

I’ve just realised it’s been some time since I updated the nodes in my palette, and I’m currently running node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket version 0.30.1. So, I updated to the latest (v0.48.0) and it promptly clobbered all my automation flows with unknown nodes.

Clearly a lot has changed between then and now.

In terms of migrating, I was thinking my only option is:

  1. Spin up a new container
  2. Copy my existing config & flows
  3. Update my palette
  4. Manually fix/test each flow
  5. Either migrate back, or just leave running in new container and turn off old

Or is there a simpler way I’m not thinking about?

Answering my own question, the upgraded version actually took care of it, but only on a newer node-red docker, on a different host. Weird that it didn’t offer to do do it on my older host, but all good now.