Advice on sensors and receivers for alarm

Hello everybody,

Since moving to our new house I started to integrate more and more in HA. Now I’m at the point that I would really like to add some security. I have a camera system with UniFi. But would also like to start installing some contact and maybe pir sensors. Planning to run this through HA. Also I have a building further down our property, where I did install a switch connect with an Ethernet cable, but I doubt a zigbee or zwave would cross that distance from the house. So probably would have to install a hub/receiver there.

So in short. Any advise on what sensors you recommend as contact sensors? Smoke detectors and ideally also heat detectors for in the stables.

I use an Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 for my front door at the moment and will be getting more for the other windows and such for more automations since its been pretty reliable so far via the direct matter setup using the skyconnect in multipan mode.

For general extension you can look into using a POE based coordinator where you need to set it up when its not in the same building as where your main instance will be or setup a remote home assistant setup dedicated to acting as a proxy for your main instance.

For smoke detectors the google nest ones are usually recommended from what I see online and others may have better options based on experience otherwise you can look to install a zooz z-wave smoke and co detector bridge (the route I will be going with a certified installer once I get a z-wave coordinator in my setup)

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