Advice on switching from HA Core in venv to HA Container (Docker)?

I currently run HA Core in a venv on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and, as Python 3.7 is now deprecated (and updating to 3.8 means building from the source), I’ve been considering switching to an alternative install method to make things easier in future.

I run other things on the RPi, so I was considering HA Container (Docker) instead.
I normally access my HA config via SSH via terminal or CyberDuck on my Mac.

Are there any gotchas I need to consider, or any guides on switching from HA Core in a venv to HA Container?

None. You’ll still be running core.

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I’d thought that there may be networking considerations, as it isn’t running directly on the RPi, but am I correct in assuming that the --net=host option when running the container handles that?

Yes that’s correct.

I ran venv in the past as well and then switched to HA Container around 2 years ago. I wrote some guides in my repo like setting up MQTT broker in a docker container etc., which may be helpful after/during your switch to Home Assistant Container.

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Thanks for the advice. I don’t actually do much with MQTT (mostly I use it with some routines to allow persistent notifications to persist across restarts) and I use CloudMQTT, but may consider setting up Mosquitto as an MQTT broker at some point.

I’ve stopped HA in my venv, and spun up the Docker container with it pointing at the same config location. My only issue so far has been some config options which were pointing to the config folder, so I needed to change these to refer to /config.

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