Advice to heating control

Hello. I would like to ask you for your advice. I have pretty old HA and I was not in this forum for quite long time. So please someone who is more focused in todays HA could help me?

I´m very interested in heating control. I have temperature sensors (Philips Hue motion sensor) in rooms and I would like to set min/max temp on every room. Based on this HA should give command to switches (sonoff) which will turn on/off floor heating in every room.

Also some of the rooms would have right to TURN ON/OFF the heater (central electric heater) based on their temperature. Not all, only selected.

Do you think I can do it with new HA automation cappabilities ot is better to use Schedy or some other automation plugin?

It would be nice to have such nice heating control as is here in this demo: - just to set min/max temperature for every room (or just single wanted temperature with some hysteresis), maybe programable for day time periods, and let HA do the switching.


You could use the Generic Thermostat integration for the under-floor heating in each room.

As far as the central heater, I suppose you could also use the Generic Thermostat integration with a template sensor that averages all the sensor temperatures (assuming this heater is also controlled by a switch entity).

Schedy would probably be your friend for multiple time periods, but I’ve never used it. I have my thermostat schedule living in Home Assistant solely with automations.

Thanks. Is it possible to use Generic thermostat with some “multiswitch” function? I mean the room (sensor) with privilege to RUN the electric heater would turn on floor switch + heater switch. But if another room (with same privilege) would need to turn the electric heater ON it could.

Maybe there should be some other kind of automation which would every xx seconds check the temperature of sensors which has this PRIVILEGE and turn the alectric heater ON if ANY of those sensors (in fact their switches) would be in ON state? Am I right? And this is possible to do with this new onscreen automation tool in HA?

I don’t believe what you’re asking is possible with generic thermostat because you have to use a single sensor for temperature for that integration. That’s why I suggested using a template sensor to average the temperature sensors’ values.

You could create automations to turn on the central heater if any one of the “privileged” sensors goes below a certain temperature, but it would get complicated very quickly as far as a schedule, so I don’t think that’s practical. Someone else might have a different solution.

Also, in general I would recommend typing any automations manually in YAML instead of using the UI editor. In my opinion, it will help you learn YAML/Home Assistant better that way.

Thanks @Tediore. I think it could be OK with single switch on every temperature sensor (to turn on floor heating valve) and simple automation periodically checking if any of those switches=ON or none of those switches=OFF is in ON state). Yes, now (with my very old HA version) I do everything manualy in YAML. I thought this new version of automation editor could just help me to do things easier :slight_smile: