Aeon Labs garage controller + Google Home + HA

Hi All,

I am very new to all this setup and HA. I am very excited with my new purchase Aeon Labs Garage Controller and Google Home.

Now to the question and my curiosity to integrate HA + Aeon Labs garage controller + Google Home.

What I want to do is to tell Google Home to open the garage good and Google Home connects to HA and HA trigger the Garage cover door open.

I am not sure how I can achieve this.

This is what I tried so far and I am sure I am missing bits here and there.

I connected Google Home to IFTTT, added a recipe to trigger

URL: https://IP:8123/api/services/cover/open_cover?api_password=MY_PASSWORD
Method: POST
Type: Json
Body: {“entity_id”:“cover.aeotec_zw062_garage_door_controller_switch_2_0”}

In Configuration File I added:


Now the above solution is not working.

Any help will be appreciated.


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It’s working now, I have removed openSSL certificate and used http instead of https.

I will try with letsencrypt again in few days.