Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 - Gen5 / Fibaro Wall Plug / Fibaro Button

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking about buying Smart Switch or Fibaro Wall Plug and Fibaro Buttons.
Does anyone have experience with any of these devices in HA with a Aeon Labs Z-wave stick Gen 5?

Yes, I have a couple Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6s, and they work fine.

I have three Aeons (2 SS and one of the earlier Smart Power Switches) and they work awesome for my applications. I have two of them sensing power for my laundry automations.

Thanks for your answers @AlucardZero @rpitera

Then I guess I will go for Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 and take my chances with the fibaro button.

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@rpitera Do the Smart Switches have any button to turn on/off manually the switch?

Yes, there’s a physical button.

It’s the little indent in the lower right hand corner in this image. On later versions, like the one you will likely get, this button is more of an divot in the corner and not etched into the face like this image is, but it’s the exact same location.

This is also the action button for pairing and resets. A single press when under load will toggle the power on the switch from on to off.

I use Aeon Z-wave stick and Smart Switch. So far no problems, but gets tricky to setup.
I also picked Jasco wall switch (to stay in z-wave plus).

Did you set your switch up for basic reporting or binary? Binary is the preferred method and makes it easy to get into HA.

@AlucardZero @rpitera Thanks for you answers :slight_smile:

@Tomek985 Actually the reason that I want to go with Aeon labs smartch switch is that they are gen 5
If I remember whel the fibaro ones are not. I was looking also at the Everspring but not sure how well they work with aeon stick and HA.

Smart switch is perfect for control at outlet level, but for controlling lights there are very few Z-wave plus wall switches available. Jasco seems to be OEM for GE and appears to work well enough

What do you mean by controlling lights? There are 2 version of Aeon labs smart switch and everspring, one with a dimmer and one without.

Aeon makes only plug-in switches and those put behind existing switches. I had this one in mind:

Ok now I get what you mean :slight_smile: I have several hue at home so I was actually looking for something that can replace my Wemo Insight Switch, and I think that Aeon Labs Smart Switch can do the job.