Aeotec aerQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor configuration

I have installed two new Aeotec aerQ Temperature & Humidity Sensors using Home
Assistant, which I am new to have having used X10 and heyu for decades.

How do I configure them so that I can set them to regularly read Temperature &

Also, I then want to output the readings to a file so that I can include it in the web page for the rest of the house - so how do I do this?

The documentation implies that the sensor will report each time the temperature threshold is exceeded (parameter 1). However parameter 4, the automatic reporting interval, seems to override this so that there is a report only every 6 hours, which is useless for monitoring temperature.

I sorted it by changing the automatic reporting interval to 1hr but I think that parameter 1 should override this - why doesn’t it???

Here is my interpretation…
I think there are two timers of interest here, but they run independent of each other.
I’ll give them names for the moment:

  • “Timer Minimum Change” (configured by param 3)
  • “Timer Periodic Report” (configured by param 4)

“Timer Minimum Change” will wake up the aerQ when the timer expires and check Humdity change and Temperature Change. If either have changed by the amount configured by param 1 (Temperature min change) or param 2 (humidity min change), then aerQ will send a report.

“Timer Periodic Report” will wake up the aerQ when this timer expires and will send a report regardless of Temperature or Humidity change.

My recommendation is to set “Timer Periodic Report” to its default of 12 hours
but set the “Timer Minimum Change” to its default of 15 minutes and you can set the minimum changes the way you would like.

Could you explain?
Parameter 3 on mine is ‘Threshold Check Level’, which is at its default of 15.
Parameter 16 on mine is ‘Check Interval for Parameter 5,6,7,8’, which is at its default of 15.

I apologize, I did make a mistake. Instead of param16, it should have been param 4 (I edited my earlier post)

Anyway, just to make sure we’re talking about the same device, I’m referring to model ZWA039.

The following is from the Engineering Spec for ZWA039:

Parameter 3: Check interval for minimum change on parameter 1 and 2.
This value determines how often aerQ Sensor checks for minimum change in temperature or humidity
on Parameter 1 and 2 or when the Sensor wakes up by button pressing. Value is set in minutes.
Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 15


Parameter 4: Periodic Reports
This parameter defines the time interval to send an unsolicited report. If the value is set to 0, there will be
no periodic reports sent to the controller. However, reports on temperature/humidity changes, managed
by configuration parameters 1 and 2 may still be active.
Size: 2 Byte, Default Value: 43200


I have left parameter 3 at the default of 15 and changed parameter 4 to 1800, i.e. every 1/2 hour.

How do I configure Home Assistant for this sensor so that it writes the temperature to a file every time a change is reported?