Aeotec color led bulb scene

I have this Aeotec by Aeon Labs color LED bulb paired with Vera and Vera connected to HASS.
I am able to set percentage and color from the UI and all work fine.
I have no idea how to write a rule so this bulb will turn on at 5pm with 100% white, then at 9pm to 10% blue and then again turn off at 6am for everyday.
can someone help the code to create this action.
thanks in advance

Using the examples, you might do it yourself

Time based Trigger
combine that with:
The first example from the Actions

you might want to write 3 separate automations, each having the changes you want.

thanks for the link, I tried a test to see if it works by writing the following

44 PM

and it did not work, what am I missing. how to i check to if in fact this line of code is been even executed?

at: ‘22:15:00’

Include the seconds.

i tried and i got this error

2017-11-14 16:20:00 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Invalid service data for light.turn_on: None for dictionary value @ data[‘rgb_color’]. Got ‘(255,255,255)’

after googling one article said rgb_color (255,255,255) should be [255,255,255].
this time i did not get error and automations says it was triggered. but the bulb color still stays on blue instead of white. Could be something wrong with the Aeon bulb itself ?