Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6 ZW112 and Z-Stick Gen 5

I’m new to Home Assistant and Zwave and can’t understand how to properly add my ZW112 sensors to HA. What’s the difference between using the HA “Add Node Secure” button versus unplugging my Aeotec Z-Stick USB and using the physical button"? Z-Stick doco tells me to use the Z-Stick button, HA doco says only ever use the “Add Node Secure” button and various walkthroughs tell me to use one or the other.

If I add via “Add Node Secure” and double tap the sensor it flashes blue followed by solid blue. If I add via the Z-Stick button and double tap the sensor it flashes blue followed by solid green. Is this secure (blue) vs non-secure (green)?

Either way I can set param 121 to “Binary Sensor Report” and get it to stick after a few manual wakeups. But then I have troubles with wake up (param 101 set to enabled and 111 interval set to 720 and wakeup interval 3600) as if I added it securely this scheduled wakeup gets sent to HA in clear text and is dropped?

Warning, Node034, Received a Clear Text Message for the CommandClass COMMAND_CLASS_WAKE_UP which is Secured
Warning, Node034,    Dropping Message

So scheduled wakeup seems to work only if added non-secure? Is this correct?

For anyone with the same issue, I ended up fixing this by firmware upgrade to v1.03 .

Its not available on their website but the support team were very helpful!