Aeotec DSC11 Smart Switch

I was so happy to get my Z Wave USB stick and Aeotec DSC11 Smart Switch in the mail today. The setup seemed pretty straight forward, and it seems to be working except HASSIO only sees one switch. I can only turn off/on the very last port. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can make it see the other 3 that are supposed to be controllable. I am getting power usage measurements from all of the sensors attached to each port, but I am supposed to be able to control 4 out of the 6 ports, but currently I can only control 1 of them. Has anyone else experienced this or can someone at least point me in the right direction to troubleshoot? Thanks in advance.

I found the problem. It seems all the switches were named switch. I went into the zwave panel and renamed each one to switch1, switch2, etc. and after a restart it worked.

Any chance you could give a little more detail about how you resolved this? I’m seeing the same behavior and I’m not sure exactly what you did to fix it after giving it a few tries.

I’m currently at work and get off in about two hours. I can go home and through the steps again figure out exactly where I changed it and post then. Basically it was in the ZWave panel and there is an area where you can list all of the entities. I saw multiple entities simply named switch. So I selected each entity named “switch” and changed it to switch1, switch2, etc. After that I recognized each individual entity since each one had a unique name.