Aeotec Dual Nano Switch Problem

I have an Aeotec Dual nano Switch wired to 2x standard 2-position switches, and I have set S1 and S2 on the Dual Nano Switch to “2-state switch”. Controlling the lights from the physical switches works perfectly and instantly, but I’m having trouble getting them to work properly from Home Assistant.

Sometimes they work instantly from Home Assistant, but most of the time there is a noticeable delay (maybe 15 seconds) before they turn on or off. During that time the physical light does nothing, but Home Assistant shows the switch as turning on, then off, then on again - at which point the physical light finally turns on. When turning off it does the opposite (off, on, then off). The same thing is happening for both lighting circuits attached to the Nano Dual Switch.

I’m having trouble replicating the rare instances that it works instantly from Home Assistant to find a pattern.

I assume they’re wired correctly. The were wired in by the electrician during fit-off of new house and, as above, are functioning 100% correctly when using the physical switches. There are a bunch of other lighting circuits on Nano Dimmers and they are all functioning perfectly from Home Assistant.

I’m having trouble replicating the rare instances that it works from Home Assistant instantly to find a pattern.

Anyone have any ideas?

Have you set the command class (notification) parameters 80, 81 and 82 to the switch?

Thanks @KiwiAndy

I had a look at these settings yesterday. 80 was set to “Multi Level Switch report”. Setting to “Basic” seems to work. I think 81 and 82 are both on “None”.

What is the best setting to have these on?

Are you using the beta ozw integration, or zwave?

You definitely want the devices to report Multi Level Switch.

Try setting 80 To value 3 and 81 & 82 both to value 1. 1-byte size for all. That works fine for my 2-way switches.

@freshcoast I’m using the z-wave integration. I’ll try what @KiwiAndy has suggested and set 80 to Multi Level Switch report and 81 and 82 to Basic. Thanks guys.