Aeotec Gen 5 Z Stick died and was replaced Zwave devices not back

I had a recent backup so I restored it to the new stick. The above it what I’m left with. Is there some procedure to get the band back together?

Running homeassistant on docker, TTY device is working and recognized just fine.

If you restored from an aeotec backup and it does not have any nodes it must have rejected the backup.
Dunno I’ve never faced this situation.
But I’d take advantage of the situation and do a separate back up of your yaml files, do a new installation with a reset z wave stick then add node, (match it to old entity names (prolly at least 6 off) rinse and repeat. You should be back up in a couple of days :man_shrugging:

Sorry, prolly not what you wanted to hear.

Edit: and if you’re anything like me, you’ve made mistakes, learn from them, install everything you can in non-secure and do it in place, don’t carry the stick around, never use that button, maybe improve some entity names

Edit 2 The Redoux: VSC Is brilliant for doing search and replace on things like entity names right across your whole configuration.

Hmm. This is quite a turn-off as far as using zwave is concerned. The degree of fragility here is obscene in my opinion, relegating z-wave to the level of oy rather than something I can trust my home’s infrastructure with.

As far as never using the on-stick button, or using security: I did neither, I OCD’ed out on making sure Homeassistant had all the data from that initial join, and I never did security as I thought I could just implement it down the road.

Is there no way to repair whatever mismatch is going on? The aoetec stick reported a succesfull restore…

Say it ain’t so!

I just hope it aint so !

There a lot of people on here more experienced than I, lets hope one of them has some better tips.

Hang tight !

How long (WAF factor) do you think you can go before having to rebuild ?

All node date is stored on the stick.

Did you do a home assistant restore? Or how did you backup/restore the aeotec stick?

Aeotec has a backup utility for the stick, supposedly for these situations

I know. But we need answer from op about the backup/restore process and result.

OK understood but …

Even if the entity names a screwed up given a lack of restore, the stick should still recognise the nodes

Used the aeotec windows tool for backup and restore. All was successful, no issues presented by the backup software.

I renamed the zwave xml to something random and the zwave devices drop down in the configuration area remained identical. I thought that xml was the datasource? If the dropdown contents are from the stick itself, then what is the xml for?

No the data used to be stored in zwcfg_0xdae64c07.xml (or whatever) but they were migrated to another storage area in “.storage”, probably to stop people mangling the data when they got the format ‘slightly’ wrong or whatever.

I think the file is only still there for backwards compatibility

The Z-Wave network is stored on the USB stick. The zwcfg*.xml is a cache file generated by OpenZWave. It has no relation to HA except that it influences the behavior of OZW. If you delete the cache file, some entities in HA may be unavailable until OZW can refresh the cache. This is mostly true for battery devices since it can only query them for info when they wake up, which could be hours or days.

In the past the contents of the XML file were used to name nodes. Long ago you could stop HA, edit the names in the XML file, and when you restarted the new names would immediately show up in HA and change the entity names. When the Entity and Device Registries came about, the Z-Wave integration eventually moved to using that to store the persistent entity data. When OZW tells HA “here’s a node” for the first time, HA records the data into the registries and sets the friendly and entity names from the registry instead of the XML file. So these days even if you lose the XML file the names are retained.