Aeotec Heavy Duty ZW078 Failing Inclusion to ZWaveJS

I have a Aeotec ZW078 Heavy Duty Smart Switch that I cannot get to add to add to Home Assistant. I am running HA 2022…9.6, Supervisor 2022.9.1, OS 9.0, and latest available ZWaveJS running as a VM in Proxmox with USB passthrough for a HUSBZB-1 stick. I still have a SmartThings Hub that I basically just forgot to unplug which is about 5 feet from my Home Assistant, and was able to add the ZW078 to that just fine. I have a Zooz Zen15 heavy duty smart plug less than 5 feet away from this device, and it paired just fine, and acts as a repeater, so I’m pretty sure range isn’t an issue.


  • What do the logs say? Without detailed evidence, we’re all just guessing!
    Settings → Add-Ons → Z-Wave JS → Log

  • Are you accidentally running one Z-Wave network with two controllers (SmartThings keys migrated to Z-Wave JS?) or two seperate Z-Wave networks with different keys?
    Only one Primary Controller is allowed, although Secondary Controllers can be operated (with only one SIS/SUC controlling routes and IDs).

  • If you’ve added the ZW078 to SmartThings, did you exclude it before trying to include it to HASS?
    I’ve seen Fibaro kit be particularly bad at failing exclusion / factory reset attempts, but not had to try the same with Aeotec.
    A factory rest of the ZW078 would be my first suggestion, just remember to check and remove any dead notes from the controller (it can’t tell the difference after a reset, so might time-out looking for the pre-reset device).

  • With enough (mains-powered) Z-Wave devices, range shouldn’t be an issue when including new devices, but multiple hops slows things down - it can be easier to include next to the hub then deploy.

  • Aeotec are on the Z-Wave JS device review list as great, and as modern devices can be mostly self discovered specific files for a new device are less of an issue than years ago.

  • If you’re not running the “vanilla” Add-In, are you running zwavejs2mqtt or Z-Wave JS (difference is the official version doesn’t have the advanced web-UI which can help in a few circumstances)

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I opened a ticket with Aeotec, and the suggestion was to spam the inclusion process with a new inclusion event from the device every 3 to 4 seconds, which actually did the trick. I see the device and am getting prompt usage details from it (which is something I couldn’t say for it in SmartThings!)

Hi ChargerDad

I have the same problem. I tried to factory reset it with the 20s button hold - no joy. How did you “spam the inclusion event from the device every 3 to 4 seconds”?

I believe I just initiated the inclusion process repeatedly. I can’t find the thread I had with support.

I found that it was the momentary switch (pair button) that had failed. I just removed it and resoldered a new one (I am very crap at soldering). And voila, it now works.