Aeotec HEM Gen5 Zwave Inclusion

I am struggling getting my Aeotec HEM Gen5 to connect to the Aeotec USB Zstick using the Zwave JS integration inclusion process. I find it unusual because I have connect 20+ other Zwave devices to this configuration. Looking at the Zwave JS log, the inclusion process is started but nothing communicates back. I’ve pressed the HEM inclusion button after powering up, I’ve held button for 10+ seconds to reset to factory defaults (per instructions) but nothing seems to help. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t use ZwaveJS, but are you doing secure inclusion or regular inclusion of the node to the network? The HEM and other devices with power monitoring require secure inclusion.

I have tried both regular and secure inclusion with same results.

Solved - The HEM Gen5 had to reset back to factory defaults and then power removed for more than a few seconds. I actually left it off for about 24hrs then it entered inclusion mode as expected when button was pressed.

The problem doing a factory reset is you would have to go out to all devices and pair them. Since I have over 80 I did not find this a good way. I found my solution today as for weeks now couldn’t add anything. I don’t know when it started as it did at some stage while it was working fine before. My assumption was a bug, but I found out that you need to use the aaotec tools and set the stick to suc again, plugged it bak into the HA and I could include stuff again. detailed Instructions