Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 - Energy reset?

Does anyone have any experience with this meter? Specifically with resetting the energy reading? The energy reading is a cumulative number, that I’d like to reset occasionally to understand my energy usage patterns.

I contacted Aeotec to figure out how to do this and was pointed to the “COMMAND_CLASS_METER” as a method to reset the meter reading. I’ve found how to do this within OZW Control Panel, but haven’t been able to figure out how to send this command from Home Assistant. Any thoughts?

I may be mistaken but I think @brusc has one of these; maybe he will check in.

You may be able to this in the dev services panel using the zwave domain and the set_config_parameter service.

I’m new to Home Assistant and even newer to Z-Wave in Home Assistant so I probably have this all wrong, but it seems to me that the set_config_parameter service in Home Assistant only interacts with the COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION.

The index numbers in this command class are what people seem to use as the ‘parameter’ in set_config_parameter service. COMMAND_CLASS_METER is a different class altogether and doesn’t have a unique index for its elements as compared to COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION, so I think a call to set_config_parameter would point to the wrong class?

You actually know more about it than I do. :smile:

I suggest searching in the forums on sending command strings; I have seen a few posts on the subject.

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