Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) issues


I have a aeotec dimmer switch on my front porch light and it all works perfectly except in the web front page. If I switch it off or get echo to switch it off, the switch is off, but the lamp icon says it is still on. The only way I can get it to go fully off, is if I move the dimmer slider down to zero… what am I doing wrong please? The slider moves down from 100% to 33% on its own, but never to 0, so it is showing as OFF


if I switch it on and back off it, it shows as off, but didn’t turn back on… any idea why please?

You need to turn on poling. You can either do that for the item on open z wave control panel or by setting it up in device config in ha.

Hi there, could you tell me how to turn on the polling?


I’ve got funky issues with this dimmer too. It appeared as light.level oddly and although it works OK, when I turn it on in HA it goes on then off then on again and when turning off, off then on then off again.

Anyone know how to fix that behaviour?


Try going into your z-wave panel in HA, choose the node, then go to Node config options and choose either Hail or Basic and then SET CONFIG PARAMETER. That seemed to settle mine down although it still behaves a little oddly as listed above.