Aeotec Multisensor 6 - How to update humidity more frequently

I have several Aeotec Multisensor 6’s in rooms across the house.
I find their motion detection very reliable, but I can’t seem to configure the humidity sensors to trigger when there’s a significant change in temp and humidity.

Or, even set the sensors to update temp and humidity more frequently?
(currently, I just get temp and humidity updates every hour)

Here is the configuration of one of the sensors:

I contacted Aeotech support for help and it’s now working as I’d have hoped.
This is the support they provided for anyone else hoping to do the same:

So you are running into a wall with battery powered MultiSensor 6 units, these units are designed to try to conserve battery power in this case so Parameter 111-113, and the threshold checks are restricted to the wakeup interval of the MultiSensor 6.

​By adjusting faster report times, you will consume much more battery power (like 2 month battery life with 300 second reports).

But if you want the 300 second reports to run you must do this:

1. Expand Wakeup section
2. Set Wakeup Interval to 300 (this will set the minimum setting of Parameter 111 = 300 and should allow for 5 minute reports).

I would also recommend disabling sensors that you do not use such as UV and BATTERY on Parameter 101.

​Set Parameter 102 to BATTERY and leave Parameter 112 to 3600.
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