Aeotec MultiSensor 6 (ZW100) Firmware Update 1.17

Aeotec have released a new firmware update for this device - version 1.17. It appeared automatically on the Setting - Updates page on HA.
Just note that it can take over an hour for the firmware to install, so don’t panic and try to stop it. If you get an error Could not detect firmware format then you need to update Z-Wave-JS first.
Once the firmware is installed on the device, it will disappear from Z-Wave for another 30 - 40 minutes, so give it time to complete.
My advice would be to start the installation and then just leave it. However, you could also ignore the update as the changes seem to be minor. My devices were well out of date so I decided to go ahead with it.

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I have half a dozen of these, and I have found it is much quicker to bring them nearer the dongle, they then update in a couple of minutes.

Yes, I noticed that as well after I did the first one. Also, it seems to cache the downloaded firmare as it started the intallation phase allmost immediately.

Absolutely, Just done 6 and 3 range extenders in under an hour, all seems to be working well.

Is this firmware that needs to be downloaded from their site, or is it an over the air thing?

Hi All,

Has any installed this? I know it’s new.

I was wondering if this would speed up sensor time. My zwave newtork is solid but sometimes the “burglar”(motion) sensor can take over 1 second to fire.



Just becareful if you do upgrade and make sure you have the correct firmware before upgrading in case of bricking your sensor:

I updated all my multisensor 6 (10 units) to 1.15 a while ago and it’s pretty stable just motion detection is still slow… I updated previous versions from their website and used zwave2js control panel without any major issues.

If you update zwave2js interface would be the best bet. Haven’t done it so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’d like to make it faster but migrating to zigbee is going to cost at least $1500 plus time. At this point I think it’s the hardware that is slow.

I have a few of those sensors but only one of them has come up as having an update available. When I looked at one of the others, it’s firmware is even old than the one that showed the available update… any ideas how to get the others to update?

Have a look at the Aeotec document above regarding the firmware upgrade. The upgrade only applies to devices that are on ver 1.14 or later.
I did have one device that wasn’t listed for the upgrade, which was showing 0% battery but was still working. After replacing the battery it immediately showed up for the new version.

I don’t think the release notes mentioned anything that would improve the response time. I have a few of these in use, most are powered by USB but a couple are on batteries. The response seems to be almost the same for both but the USB powered ones are instantaneous.
There is an Aeotec document here that has the recommended settings for both setups. It might be worth checking it out.

Yeah the releases notes say something about light sensor.

I was hoping for improvement).
But I think because I live in an apt. zwave is noticeably impacted behind wall etc. and when the door is shut in the bathroom.[

I have 7 of these, but have no idea how to find out what f/w version they are. My stick is plugged into a RPi4 and I’m reluctant to change things in case it breaks - I’ve never seen anything in HA settings page about this.

Does this have to be done by removing the stick from the RPi and doing it all via a Windows box or can it be done somehow in HA - I couldn’t really work out what was possible from the Aeotec docs.

In Home Assistant, if you go to Settings, Integrations, Z-Wave and click on Devices, you will see all the devices you have. Click on one of your MultiSensors (the model number is ZW100) and on the Device Info panel you will see the firmware version. The current version is 1.17.
ZWave-JS should automatically offer you an upgrade if it’s required. If so, do one device at a time and allow plenty of time for it to complete.
You can do the upgrade via Windows, but the procedure is much more complicated and error prone.

Thanks so much @sota - I can’t figure out how I didn’t see that - all I saw was Configuration - Firmware - Up To Date. Was just looking in the wrong place. All my sensors are firmware version 1.10. According to the upgrade docs, it seems that 1.10 is in the upgradable range 1.08-1.13 (I’m on AU version).