Aeotec Multisensor 7 not showing configuration data

I just bit the bullet and down graded to a gen5+ stick. Over 2 days now setting over 100 devices back up and all the automations. Was setting up the multisensor 7’s and noticed that none of the configuration info loaded except on 1 of them. With the gen 7 stick I had the same problem but after excluding/including the sensors a few times the info loaded. No luck with the gen 5+ stick. I have even updated the firmware on one of them and the configuration info still is not showing. Any ideas??? Running HA on a rpi 4.

what security level?

Have some as none and some as S2 authenticated. I have 14 of them. Only 1 of them is showing the config data. It failed S2 authentication on its own. So on several of them I tried entering in the wrong code so they would fail but the config data doesn’t show on them.

You can go to Settings->Integrations->Zwave->Download diagnostics and look through the text file for the node that is the multi sensor. There should be a part of the listing that is “values”: which will contain the various sensors. If that isn’t there, then (I think) it means the device was not correctly added by ZwaveJS. If that is there, and you’re not seeing values, then it probably means the data isn’t getting bak somehow. Maybe that will help…

It looks like all the parameter info is there on the sensors I checked but there is not a “value” line except on the parameters I have changed. So is the sensor using the “default” setting for the parameters that don’t have a “value” line? Should I copy down all the defaults and enter them so there is a “value” line? Is there a way to make ZwaveJS fill in the info?

I would add the sensor info to this for you to see it but its over 1400 lines for 1 of the sensors :slight_smile:

If they’re in that file then I believe that means it has been added correctly to ZwaveJS and if the sensors are not showing up, then there is something wrong with the device communicating back. I don’t have any more insight than that, I’m afraid.

The sensors are all showing up on the network. It’s when I go into the configuration for the sensor to make adjustments that the current settings are not showing.