Aeotec Multisensor 7 not updating parameters

I installed two Multisensor 7’s to my instance after manually updating the firmware on the device

They have worked well up until I had to restore my instance after a critical error.

Now they consistently freeze and don’t provide updates which throws off a dozen or so automations.

When I try to reinterview, it works for a few minutes but then stops updating.

Rebuilding the routes seemingly does nothing but also takes quite a while (unsure if it’s ever been successfully completed)

Is there something else I can do? Do we suggest deleting and then repairing?

Any help is appreciated.

are they powered or on battery?

If they’re on battery, you have two considerations:

First, you may need to wake the sensor with the action button for it to take its updated params. To save battery they wake at specific intervals to check in unless instructed otherwise (like with the action button)

Also if it’s on battery and you’re trying to speed up the report timing, Aeotec hardcodes the report timings on some of the reports (motion is one) to a specific interval when the sensor is on battery so updates to those specific params don’t do anything if the sensor detects it is running on battery.

If you’re not on battery and none of those work, I’d repair route, then reinterview. If it still doesn’t work, my next step is excluding and re-add. (in place)

They are running on battery power.

They only updated the parameters once I hit the action button and wake it up. But once it’s no longer awake, the updates don’t come.

I’ve tried resetting everything with no luck. Retinterviewing gives me the same results, I just get the initial parameters upon pairing, nothing further.