Aeotec Multisensor issue again

Problem is the sensor is set to 240 (4minutes) by default, and i’ve not changed it this time around due to potential issues with battery, originally i had this as 10 seconds. If i have it as 2-3minutes then that quite a bit longer than i wanted.

I guess it’ll have to do for now, it does seem like i’ll have to be revisiting the setup every month at this rate anyway

I have this problem with two multisensor. What worked for me is to remove the battery…plugin the usb wait 2 minuten then remove the usb and insert the battery. Tadaa now it’s working again.

so i have two issue with this multisensor:

USB Powered devices changes randomly to Basic instead of Binary.
Battery Powered devices fall into sleep forever.

this only starts after something get changes in z-wave…rename a device or setting some parameters.

I’m looking to get refunds on these now, there must be a better more reliable option out there?

I’ve had no issues with the Fibaro multi-sensor, but it doesn’t do humidity.

hmm, i don’t “get” the look of it, is that an eye?

Is there any option to ceiling mount these?, what is battery usage like?

Not really in real life, here is a good comparison. The brightness of the LED is controllable, and I’ve got it set so that it’s visible if you’re watching it, but not intrusive.

There’s no in-wall/ceiling mount option I’m afraid. Battery life so far is ok. Mine’s in the living room, so triggers a lot. It’s had 3 months of use there, and is reporting 81% battery (it was around 95% when I got it).

I have a few aeotec multisensors 6 around the house for 6months+ and they are all working very well for me and reliably.
They are all battery powered with two batteries each and still going well, although they all say 100% battery still which I find hard to believe.
Each one reports back every 60minutes and will report instantly for motion.

Not had any issues at all tbh