Aeotec multisensor via USB


I just got 2 of these to complement my fibaros and I am going to run them via USB power.
I thought you got real time updates when powered? am I missing something in the config please, as it hardly ever updates HA
Command Options is set to binary sensor report, is this right?


That’s correct. And you should be able to set the polling time in OZWCP. I forget what the default was, but that may be your issue with the updates.

If you paired it when powered via USB, and configured it according to their guidelines you’ll get regular updates (every 30 seconds) plus updates between when thresholds are crossed.

thank you… I will play with these

so that is working so much better thanks…
but the binary sensor is never off now?
Aeotec ZW100 MultiSensor 6 Sensor
10 minutes ago

any idea please?

It’s worth a read of the manual to check what parameters you’ve got configured. The sensor won’t clear until the time period defined by 0x03 has passed since the last event. If it keeps getting tripped during that time, it won’t clear.

thank you… I think I was just being a bit of an idiot. I thought the default settings were set differently than I expected… All sorted now thanks.