Aeotec Nano Dual Not Passing Live/Load?

Hey y’all!

Having trouble getting the Aeotec Nano Dual Switch (a Gen5 product) to pass the load on to my lights. I’m migrating from ST to HASSIO this week, so I know the devices themselves are wired correctly. I’ve installed it using Zwave JS UI (formerly zwave2mqtt I think?). Parametres 80-82 are set to 3, 1 and 1 respectively.

When I hit the switch, whether that be the digital or the physical, you can hear the switch within the dual open and close. It also updates the switch status within HASSIO. So I’m really stumped as to why this might be happening!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

PS: I’m very new to this level of complexity, I’ve managed to eek out a very rough understanding of NodeRed and JS over the last three days and its given me a headache. Please ELI5!


Edit: obligatory newbie disclaimer of “sorry if this is in the wrong category”

Never mind, I pulled it all out of the wall and it looks like the electrician accidentally skewered it with an overly long screw. The screw seemed to have been shorting out the temperature override, which didn’t bother ST due to ST limited functionality but did trip HASSIO. Learn something new every day!

Obviously I’m going to order a new one so as to not burn my house down, but it is working for the moment haha