Aeotec siren 6

Good Day group, this is my first post after starting this HA adventure about 3 weeks ago. I’ve got my inside and outside cameras all setup, my Heos Media and Temperature sensors all integrated within HA. So Yesterday I transferred my Ring Alarm contacts to HA, all went well and then added the Aeotec Siren 6. Everything works except the siren will only trigger for about 10 seconds. I’ve gone all through the documentation. I know its there, I just don’t see it. By the way I also included the Ring Keypad into the integration and once the alarm is triggered, it will tone continuously until I deactivated the alarm. Any help would be cool…Thanks

Each tone has a length (basically it is a media file I guess). Each tone setting also has a duration (should be enough for the tone length or it will be cut off before it ends) and a play count. If you pick a short tone and a single play count, it stops by itself. So you need to play with settings if you want something longer. As I remember, different default tone setting have different target uses (doorbel etc.), so some tone settings may be different by default then others.

It depends on the z-wave integration how you change the defaults. On zwave UI I get hidden entities that I need to enable in order to set the parameters.

Hi, I’m pretty new to Home Assistant, and am having similar issues with my Aeotec Siren 6, with it only sounding the alarm for 5 seconds.

I am running Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi 4, accessing several Aeotec door sensors and the siren using Z-Wave JS, and using Alarmo to set up my alarm system.

In Alarmo I set up an Action to sound the alarm with the entity “siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_2” and “turn on”. When I test it, the siren makes an alarm sound for 5 seconds, then stops. When that action is triggered by my alarm, it does the same - plays 5 seconds then stops.

So I’m trying to figure out where I can change the duration setting, to make it play the alarm sound over and over. I want it to play indefinitely, until I trigger another action to stop. I looked in Z-Wave JS at the Siren’s “Configuration v1” options, and I can’t figure out what the MANY settings in there actually do. I tried modifying many of the settings that seemed like they might be what I need, and none of them made a difference… the siren still just plays the sound for 5 seconds and stops.

Can anyone provide clear instructions on where to find the settings for siren playback duration, or whatever it takes to get the siren to sound continuously? And while we’re at it, what about volume control?

Thank you!

Look at zwave device info page at HAsettings >> devices and services >> zwave integration >> your aeotech device

It shows defaults for all the tones and sirens. This may provide more clear idea of tone length

For example, default tone 2 is 35 second alarm and may be changed to several other tones by with variable lengths . Other default tone and siren values exist.

Thanks, good to know there are settings in there as well!

Unfortunately, those Configuration settings don’t seem to help. My Alarm sound (Default tone (2)) shows it’s configured to use the tone called “Alarm (35 sec)”, but it only plays for 5 seconds.

2024-05-29 - HomeAssistant Siren6 tone configuration

I tried setting it to some of the other tone options, with different numbers of seconds listed (eg: “Tornado siren (45 sec)”), and it still only plays each tone for 5 seconds and then stops.

So I’m guessing there’s some other setting limiting the playback time, but I can’t figure out what. Alternatively, anyone know how I can set it up to repeat the tone over and over until it’s told to stop?

Oh, I might have found something in:
HAsettings >> devices and services >> zwave integration >> devices >> my siren >> Configure

… in that “Z-Wwave device configuration” page I found more settings, including one called “Tone Duration (Tamper)”. When I set that to 10 seconds and then test my Alarm again, it now plays for 10 seconds (as do other tones)!!

And, when I change the “Tone Play Count (Tamper)” setting from 1 to 0, then it repeats the tone after its playback time is up. So that can get me a continuous alarm - hooray!

Of course now when I trigger the “tamper” alarm (by physically moving the siren device), the alarm goes off and also keeps going. Looks like that triggered the “Play Alarm” switch on the configuration page. Strange that the “tamper” settings would apply to my alarm tones, and concerning that the tamper alarm will be hard to shut off. I wonder if this is just a naming issue, or an issue with which settings are being used for what. That said, it’s progress.

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Hi, on my system, the name-mapping and play counts are as shown below (all default). So all the quick transient triggers such as tamper and doorbell play once, and the triggers requiring continuous presence repeat until stopped by the user. In my system, the doorbell trigger (from a Reolink doorbell) plays a tone once, and my Ring home alarm trigger plays a tone until I disarm the home alarm.

Tone Name Name Entity name Tone Play Count
Browse Tone siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone Tone Play Mode = Single
Tamper Tone (2) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_2 1
Doorbell 1 Tone (3) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_3 1
Doorbell 2 Tone (4) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_4 1
Doorbell 3 Tone (5) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_5 1
Environment Tone (6) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_6 0
Security Tone (7) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_7 0
Emergency Tone (8) siren.indoor_siren_6_play_tone_8 0

Thanks. Yeah, that looks more intuitive and useful.
Where do you see it in a table like that? I don’t think I’ve seen that view of the info.

Hi, I collated that information from the various screens, put it into Excel, and then copy & pasted here.

Ah, I see, thanks.
Guess I need to figure out the mapping of the various (8?) tones, the settings associated with each tone, and how they are linked to the 30+ sounds that the siren can apparently make.

I haven’t bothered to set this programmatically, the UI configurations are fine for me, I just set once and forget. I might try and look when I get some time. Good luck.