Aeotec siren questions

I have a Siren 6 connected to HA. I have an automation that monitors a contact and triggers the siren to play a doorbell sound. The catch is that it doesn’t stop. I am calling a service to trigger the siren. I have tried setting a wait time after the service call and then an action to tell the siren to turn off. That didn’t work either. What do I need to do to turn it off after about 5 seconds??


Crickets …

I also have a AEOTEK siren and doorbell device, but have not been able to integrate them into HA. I use a Vera Secure as my z-wave interface, so all programming is done there, I’d love to see how you integrated them into HA. Maybe I can offer some help and learn something along the way.

Hi Art,
I don’t have the Aerotec Siren6. My controller is a HUSBZB-1 I adopted the Siren very easily. I contacted Aeotec to help with this. Here’s what I got:
For action:
call service turn on Siren6 (2) 2 is the tone
delay for 4 seconds
call service turn off Siren6 (2)
That’s all and it plays tone 2 for 4 seconds which works just fine.

If you can get to the Siren from the automations you should be good