Aeotec smart switch 7 - NIGHT LIGHT LED -

Hi there,

I successfully integrated the smart switch 7 in my system. I am able to switch the state (on/off), monitor the voltage, power, etc.

But I do not have an option or do not know how to configure the little LED (which is in the on off switch). In Domoticz I was able to set the color etc. but how does that work in HA???

Hope somebody can help me here (maybe with the lines for the conf*.yaml)


How are you getting the Zwave integrated?
Are you using Zwave2MQTT, directed Zwave into HA via USB stick, some other integration?
I am currently using Zwave2MQTT and the options are there to change the lights, I personally have the light off (only one for a few seconds on state change). I previously had the Z-stick directly into HA but I didn’t like ‘loosing’ data when HA was rebooting.

I am using the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, the components are paired to that stick

are you using the built-in Zwave integration? or Zwave2MQTT?

I am using the built in z-wave Integration

Look at the plug under your z-wave integration. I can’t walk you exactly thru it since I went the Zwave2MQTT a few weeks ago from the integration. There is a setting to change the properties of the LED; when I get back home I can give you some of the possible values to use but the current integration should also list those for you. There is a setting for the action to take on the plug and also a setting for the color. You can definitely leave the LED on all the time regardless of state of plug. I don’t know if you can easily automate turning the LED on and off for the night.

Under Integrations there is no entity regarding the light. These are the entities I have:

Click “Configuration” for Z-Wave Integration. Above appears to be the “Entities” link.
Once in configuration you will see your nodes for the Zwave network.
Select the node that is your plug and you should see the settings that you can change on it.

Ok, I got it now!!! Thank you!

However I thought I am able to set the colour of the light with a switch or within a scene.

But how to use zwave2mqtt?? Do I have to install an integration or addon?

I have it running in a docker container.
I also moved to my mqtt in a container; I previously had it running directly on metal, but found a container and moved it over.