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Aeotec Smart Switch load readings always zero

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I have a couple of Aeotec Smart Switch 6 and functionally they both work (although for some reason sometimes they are instant to reactive to an on or off request and sometimes they take quite a few seconds).
What does not work is the reporting back of the watts and amps. It looks like HA does get some readings from the devices but always for watts and amps a value of 0 is received by HA and therefore forever 0. Voltage however looks to be accurate and change over time.

I have spent a long time playing with the various configuration options in the Zwave panel but nothing seems to enable the watts and amps reading to send anything other than a value of 0

I was hoping to buy another couple of these devices as they look nice and are nice and compact, but my requirements for the new devices would be to monitor the load and create automations based on it.

Does anyone know how to enable watts and amp readings for these devices?



I’m also getting this behaviour with all 3 switches i have added. No amount of messing around with settings brings any amps or watts into HA.

Any ideas?



I think I have found that if the load on the switch is too low, then nothing only voltage is sent to HA.
Have tried with high load for at least 60 seconds to see if anything is reported back?