Aeotec Stick Gen 5 and Ring Alarm

I’m running ha on a raspberry pi 3. I’ve just got the gen 5 with firmware 1.2. The install went fine and ha found the stick. However it’s not picking up any of the ring sensors. I’ve tried searching for them and that just times out. I have also tried scanning the qr. However the camera doesn’t focus properly in the app and nothing gets scans. This led me to download a separate qr app so I could get the qr code for the sensors. I managed to get the codes and put them into ha. However still no new zwave devices. Please help.

I believe that stick requires a usb 2.0 hub and extension cable to work on that pi

I’ve now managed to scan the qr codes with ha. However the stick is still not picking the ring devices up. Anyone got any ideas?