Aeotec vs Fibaro

Is anyone using both the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 (ZW100-A) and the Fibaro Z-Wave Plus Motion/Multi-Sensor (FGMS-001 ZW5) and willing to provide some feedback?

I’m currently looking to replace my Wireless Tag (JUNK) Sensors, and other multiple single use sensors (Temp, Humidity, LUX and Motion) with Multi Sensor’s to reduce the number of devices around my home.

No experience with Fibaro but I have two Aeotec Multisensor 6 units. They work almost faultlessly. Unlike my Aeotec Smart Switches (which are unreliable as @##$@$^).

There’s a minor bug with OZW that does not display a Multisensor parameter in HA correctly. But you can still set the parameter. Aeotec multisensor temperature reporting threshold incorrect Looks like this has been corrected in OZW but not in HA yet.

Thanks for the quick response.

How is the timing as far as updating / reporting changes to HA?

Pretty much instant for the PIR. I can’t tell the delay the other sensors (temp, humidity light etc…) but assume they are also promptly reported. There are some parameters you need to change in the device to accomplish this. Also I am running on USB power not battery.

5: Command options = Binary sensor report
40: Report only on thresholds = Enabled
41-45: Sensor thresholds (as you see fit, I have them set to quite low values for good resolution and regular updates).

Great, thank you.