Aeotec wallmote quad zw130

Anyone know if on ZWave2JS if long press works?
Using that and single toggle presses in my automations for this and looking to make the switch away from OZW

Late reply here, I’m sure you already figured this out, but I just got one of these the other day and am using ZWaveJS. The long press and single press actions on each quadrant work just fine out of the box with ZWaveJS. You have to subscribe to the zwave_js_value_notification event in order to capture both single presses and long presses. In NodeRed the event is structured like below, the KeyPressed part will change depending on whether you single or long press. The options are KeyPressed, KeyHeldDown, and KeyReleased. The KeyReleased event is only fired after you release from a long press. The below event is for the 4th quadrant as indicated by a few of the event properties.

    "payload": {
        "event_type": "zwave_js_value_notification",
        "event": {
            "domain": "zwave_js",
            "node_id": 6,
            "home_id": xxxxxx,
            "endpoint": 0,
            "device_id": "xxxxxxx",
            "command_class": 91,
            "command_class_name": "Central Scene",
            "label": "Scene 004",
            "property": "scene",
            "property_name": "scene",
            "property_key": "004",
            "property_key_name": "004",
            "value": "KeyPressed",
            "value_raw": 0
        "origin": "LOCAL",
        "time_fired": "xxxxx",
        "context": {
            "id": "xxxxx",
            "parent_id": null,
            "user_id": null
    "topic": "zwave_js_value_notification",
    "_msgid": "dea9a023.fdf67"

Thanks, I did make the swap a few weeks ago and used the blueprint available. Took all the work out of it.
I don’t use NodeRed, do everything in yaml or gui native to HA.
This will be helpful for someone though.

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Do you you have a link to the blueprint you used? Any chance you have found a way to get the slide up and down working?

Links to Blueprint I used.

About the sliding, nah haven’t got it working, but tbh I havent tried.