Aeotec Wallswipe/Nano Dimmer + OZW + CLOCK Command Class?

I’ve been at this for some time now - digging for info if this is at all possible or if this is another thing that I will have to work around.

The Nano Dimmer/Wallswipe has a night light mode, where you set a start and end time and another LED color so that it doesn’t blind you at night. This relies obviously on the zwave network being able to present the actual time to the device.

As far as I can tell this is currently not happening (ie. the time isn’t being presented to the zwave device) because it goes into night mode during the day, and then goes to eye searing mode when you want to go to sleep.

When I first changed over to HA from Openhab it (Wallswipe) seemed to not care for a few weeks (where I assumed everything was working as befre) - but for the past 1-2 weeks either something changed or stopped working and it has now gotten to the point I cannot leave it like this anymore and have attempted to go through so many posts my head hurts.

At this point I’m hoping someone can tell me if OZW is publishing the CLOCK command class to devices and if yes if anyone might know why the heck this no longer working.

I’m really quite surprised on how badly Z wave is handled with HA, for such a popular and large smart home network protocol, it looks like there isn’t 1 really stable Z wave protocol available for HA. The integrated one is out of date and reboots when you restart HA (which you constantly have to do :neutral_face:), OZW which I am currently using seems to actually be half decent except when you have to use the control panel to change parameters in a node and then you’re suddenly working at 640x480 (why??).

Is there a reason why just a basic staple of home automation is not working correctly on a smart automation platform like HA? It has so many great things going for it - but it seems to really lack at the core basics of smart home automation sometimes. The finer details always need some sort of odd work around (emulated hue, zwave, etc)

HASS ver: 2020.12.7
OZW: 0.8.0 (just updated to this to see if it would start working)

Anyone? Bueller?

OZW supports the Clock command class but neither OZW or HA would set the time automatically for you. With OZW it’s possible to do but not easy. You can use the setvalue mqtt command to do so, setting the day, hour and minute separately. There are examples of using the command in this forum. You’ll want to use something like MQTT explorer to find the proper values to set.

There are many threads in this forum that discuss this. Feel free to read those for other opinions (both agreeing and disagreeing with yours) and future directions. At this moment there are only two usable open source implementations of Z-Wave, so it’s not that simple. There are also several commercial hubs you can use if you find that the open source solutions do not meet your needs.

Many thanks for the hints! I will certainly look into this option!

I get it, it’s not easy… I appreciate the work that’s gone into HA its EXTREMELY capable for so many things and looks beautiful. But a few things (coming from other platforms) is obvious. HA is not as stable and not as grounded for the basic home automation protocols which pretty much every other software or hub has. I just found that extremely strange that the basic building blocks (zwave/zigbee/etc) don’t have more emphasis put on them.

for anyone interested… I suddenly realized that I can just apply the change I wanted to the switches LED’s by using Node Red and calling the OZW config change for the node.

So I use big timer and set the LED color and intensity “manually” instead of relying on the Clock command class.