Aeotec Z Stick 7 Would Appreciate Help With Power Levels

I have a Aeotec Z Stick 7 with the latest and hopefully greatest firmware 7.19.3.
It is connected to a USB2 port through an extension cable and it works fairly well. During my firmware upgrade attempts (prior to discovering the wonders of Z-Wave JS though HA) I think I messed up the power levels.

My current settings
Found inZ-Wave JS/Control Panel/Device (select the Z-Stick)
I have selected Europe as RF region and the current power levels are set to:

  • Normal Power Level 0.0 dBm

  • Measured Power Level 3.3dBm

These are the suggested numbers from the hint in the blue box. I reduced normal Power level from 9.9dBm.

It works but keep loosing a node in the basement ==> it would be nice to at least have the correct settings.

Could anyone please tell me what the power levels should be for Europe?


My settings since over 3 years now.

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Thanks for a really quick reply! I tried it and it reached to basement right away. Let’s hope this did the trick. Earlier on, the connection was a bit flaky,

The hint in the blue box is based on the UZB7 reference boards, AFAIK. It’s definitely not correct for all controllers.

I would send a support request to Aeotec and see what they recommend. As the manufacturer, they should know best.

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Ok, I tried the blue box values. It works but with limited range. The 9,9 and 0 seems to be the original values I had but got suspicious when it did not match the recommended levels and I also tried to refresh it a number of times with limited success until I got the flashing working through HA. Thanks for your quick response!