Aeotec Z-Stick 7

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Hi All,

Looks like Aeotec are bringing out a new Z-stick powered on the 700 series Z-Wave, I just bought a 500 series z wave controller. I don’t think these have been released yet, but for others jumping in you may want to hold off.

Will it be compatible with openzwave directly?

I think it will be supported in OZW 1.7.

Interesting, when will it be available for order and will it work with HA?
I need to replace my controller Tellstick znet lite v2 because it have some heating problem.

Is It a suggestion o your sure?

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Thank you, I Will Be look

Release date?


I’ve been waiting for about a year for them to release a Z-Stick based on the 700 chipset before I upgrade from my OG Razberry, so I figured I’d just email them and ask about availability.
They’re still working the kinks outta the software, so the Z-Stick 7 and Z-Pi 7 haven’t got a firm release date yet. And once it is initially released, it’s still gonna be a bit beta-ry.
Here’s their full response.

So for anyone holding out, it could still be quite a while and possibly not a great time when it is first released (unless you’re a dev who loves challenges)

** gets comfy in waiting chair **

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