Aeotec z-stick gen 5 support frequency

I use home assistant with arduino by mqtt and ethernet. Now I want to add integration with z-wave devices. I am from Russia and here use 869 MHz frequency.
I read that the best way - buy Aeotec z-stick gen 5. But on the official website I did not find information whether they have a version for the frequency 869 MHz.

The Aeotec website suggests they do not sell in Russia so the chances are probably slim.

They are specific to your region and according to Wikipedia, the frequency used by Russia is not shared by any other country in the world, so buying them outside of Russia would probably not be compatible with any Zwave equipment you buy in Russia. It may also be illegal if you buy foreign Zwave equipment that occupies and interferes with frequencies used by terrestrial license radio frequency equipment.

Speaking from experience, I bought a US one because it was half the price than the ones in Australia. Found out after it arrived nothing would talk to it because the frequencies were different and cannot be changed. Also found out it interferes with our local mobile telephone carriers so that was $50 wasted.

yes, thanks