Aeotec Z Stick Gen 5

I am trying to add the subject controller to Home Assistant. The issue is I have no idea where to get the values for the three S2 keys… Any help would appreciated

You don’t get them anywhere, they are created by the user/application.

If you are using the Z-Wave JS Addon, it will generate random ones automatically, nothing to do. Leave the initial settings blank.

If you are using the zwavejs2mqtt addon, you have to generate them yourself. Click the refresh-looking button in the control panel next to each key entry and it will create a random one.

I am using the add on. it does nothing and it gives me an error. I guess I am just too old to learn… Thanks for your help

You really haven’t provided any information. What does “does nothing” mean? What error do you see?

Sorry. The process of adding the stick for not generate any key.

. When i execute this i get the following error message

That doesn’t look like a valid USB device path to me, that’s probably the issue. If you go to Supervisor → System → Host → … → Hardware, you’ll get a list of devices. There will a /dev/serial/by-id/... path, use that one.

Thank. The path I used was the one from the /dev. directory. This appears to have worked… now trying get my zwave devices added… with no success. I think I see why… the /dev/serial/by-id/. is NOT the zwave is is the insteon PLM

My mistake, naturallt. I am using a virtual machine under Virtual Box. I had failed to add/open the USB port that stick was on …When I reconfigured the VM. Z came up. Thanks for the help…Back to damn Thermostat

Quick question!

Is there any reason to not to buy a used Gen5 and absolutely go for a more expensive new Gen5+?

In this comparison table I don’t see any difference except an older library and support for S2 encryption compared to S0 encryption

Z Pi 7 - Aeotec (Scroll down to a table)

EDIT: If using Pi4 there can be issues with older stick which are solved by simple pull up resistor soldering, more here

I anded up moving to other sticks for other reasons but the GEN5 served me well for a year. for what its worth