Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (not 5+) + Raspberry Pi 5 - will it work?

Does someone own such a combination to tell whether it will work? I’m planning to purchase Pi 5 and move my HA from a VM to it. I own the Gen5 (not Gen5+) Z-Stick and I want to know whether it will work fine or it’s still incompatible as it is with RPi 4?

I’ve read about workarounds to make it work with RPI4 - USB hub or a resistor, but I don’t want to apply workarounds to a new hardware/device, which R Pi 5 will be for me.

Any clues?

That stick is 3 generations old now. Are you sure you don’t want to bail on that and get something that’s more compatible with current stuff, a 700 maybe?
I also have one of those sticks, and if I were do change anything in my setup I would replace that.

Just my 5 cents: before buying pi5 look for (used) intel nuc’s (or similar boxes). Pretty similar price, way more powerfull.

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I do not plan to add more Z-Wave devices to my setup, so I see no point of buying a new one. If I were to significantly rebuild or extend my setup - I’d consider this as 800 series has some great advantages over 500.

Yes, I’m aware of this. However I’m targeting the Pi as I want to have as much energy-efficient device as possible and I do not need anything powerful for Home Assistant. I do not plan to host anything requiring a major computing power like camera stream AI-based classification etc. The Pi 5 should have enough power for HA itself.

I have more advice.
Don’t ask for advice if you don’t want it.
If you are not going to do it, we don’t really care, just say thanks for the advice and ignore us.

The Aeotec is a 10yo design and had worked in thousands of different configurations, and is built with the zwave protocol and a usb2 interface. You could probably plug it into a pi0w and it would work. I’m sure plugging it into a pi5 usb port that takes more power than some SFF computers and has no GPU will be fine…

Does anyone have answer to my original question? Does this stick work with Pi 5 without workarounds?

Pi5 is relative new, and Z-Stick Gen5 old. I don’t think anyone has tried it yet.

No guarantees in life.

It does. I just received a Pi 5, had a spare unused Gen5 stick (bought it in 2017). Installed HA, the stick was immediately recognized. I added a single wall plug to test it, no problem.

I upgraded it to firmware 1.02 (from 1.00), still works fine after the upgrade.


THANKS A LOT FOR THE ANSWER! That news made my day!